50 Years of We’Moon Land! Since 1973

A Look Back at 2023 – the 50th Year of We’Moon Land

162 womyn attended the Landdyke Gathering & We’Moon Land 50th Anniversary Celebration.   

In 2023 there were:

8   spiritual circles  

9   work days on the land 

9  gatherings with wild womyn 

As 2023 came to a close, we asked womyn to share a few words about We’Moon Land:

“Being a friend of We’Moon Land for the past few years has connected me to a community of womyn that extends across the Pacific Northwest, the US and beyond. It’s given me purpose, friendships that I envision lasting decades.”  

“I’ve struggled with internalized homophobia my whole life. After a few days at We’Moon Land, I felt, on a level I had never felt before, the naturalness and the beauty of being a lesbian. Upon returning home, I wasn’t as afraid to hold my partner’s hand in public.”  

 “Learning the sacred land songs has given me a sense of strength. Remembering a certain song at the right moment to sing it to myself can really help calm myself and ground me.” 

 “Visiting We’Moon Land has been so integral to increasing my confidence as a woman, a lesbian, and as a feminist.