Visitors welcome! Womyn visit for the day, overnight trips, or retreats lasting up to two weeks. Many womyn visit during events, while some prefer to visit during the quiet times. 

Sliding Scale for Overnight Visits

$25 – $50  Indoor stays

$15 – $25 Camping on the land

* Per womyn, per night…more if you can, less if you can’t. No womyn will be turned away from events for lack of funds.

Go to and click the PayPal Donate button. We also accept cash or checks.

Overnight housing

Contact us to ask for details, see photos, or schedule a tour! 

  • Main/Community house with full amenities, bathrooms (toilets, tub, showers), kitchen with fridge, sink, and oven/stove, Internet, office space, living room, and two bedrooms.
  • 3 cabins (varying amenities)
  • A yurt (with outhouse)
  • Outdoor camping
  • RV Area

Pet Policy 

Let us know if you would like to bring a well trained and socialized dog or cat with you. We have dogs and cats that live on the land and lots of wildlife that roam about, such as bunnies, squirrels and deer. Wilder ones too, like bob cats and bears. Once we’ve talked with you and we agree that your pet is ready for the WeMoon Land experience, we ask that you have them initially on their leash or harness as they express their excitement of being in a new and stimulating environment of sights, smells, and sounds. If your dog is easily startled by loud noises, be aware that we do have neighbors in the area that fire off guns for practice and hunters in the nearby forests. We can also unexpectedly hear loud fireworks and thunderstorms can roll in quickly.

We need your dogs to be with you at all times unless you’ve arranged for someone else to look after them, and then, let us know of the arrangement. We prefer that visiting cats stay indoors away from predators or creatures they might wish to hunt.  And, while we rarely lose an animal to wildlife, smaller pets are on the menu here to the many hawks, night owls, coyotes, bob cats, and weasels. As well, many cats and dogs harass and injure or kill the younger wildlife here, so we they need you to be mindful and to not let your pet hunt or chase the wildlife here.