What is womyn’s land?

Landykes: Women’s Land Communities, Pt. 1
Since the 1970s, Lesbians have been starting women’s land communities all over the country, a form of “living feminism” in its various manifestations. In their gatherings and publications, many of them identify as “Landykes.” For the first panel, we have invited several Landykes to describe how and why they got involved in one or more women’s land communities, and some of their challenges and successes.

Recorded November 18, 2021

Featuring: Alí Marrero-Calderón – Los Amazonas, Puerto Rico; Jenna Weston – Lake Annie Womonspace, FL; Sabine Dyke – OR; Francis Eatherington – Rainbow’s End, OR; Lynn Hicks – Full Circle Farm, NC; Jae Haggard – Outland, NM; Blanche Jackson – Maat Dompin, VA

Landykes Pt.2: Visiting Women’s Lands
In part 1 (November 18, 2021) we learned about some herstory and experiences of Landykes. Would you like to visit Lesbian Land? In part 2 we learned more from Landykes telling us about women’s land communities that are actively seeking visitors and/or residents. Panelists described their own land groups, as well as others.

Presenters included: Barbara Lieu,1945; Bethroot Gwynn, 1941; Blanche Jackson, 1940; Jae Haggard, 1947; Musawa, 1944; Nancy Vaughn, 1945; Diana Rivers, 1951; Pelican Lee, 1947; and Treechild, 1959. Facilitated by Rose Norman, 1949, and Janet Holstine, 1949. Recorded January 20, 2022