We’Moon Land is a small non-profit residential womyn’s community.

We exist as a sanctuary for women and nature, and provide space for feminist retreats, workshops, and gatherings in celebration of womyn’s spirituality and culture.

Fundraising goals have been met for repairs to OMA! Thank you to all of the womyn who helped preserve our mother house!

Looking for We’Moon Calendar? 

Happy Winter Goddesses!

On Saturday we entered the new Chinese lunar year of the rabbit with the new moon. It was also Lunar Imbolc.
We are starting to plan the 2023 events and will have a newsletter out with more information soon.
Please contact wemoonland@gmail.com to RSVP for any events or over night stays except for the Wild Womyn events.
Imbolc Circle
Imbolc is the cross-quarter day halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. On Saturday, February 4 Eagle and Musawa will be priestessing a traditional Womyn’s Land “Rattle” Circle with the theme of Initiation. Gather at noon for potluck lunch, circle 1:30-3:30 pm.
As we pass the rattle around the circle, each wemoon has a turn to express whatever comes up for her (here and now!)…about what we are initiating in our lives at this time. We are the priestesses of our own lives. By tuning into the natural energy of this season, when new life begins to stir within the Earth, we can connect with what is stirring within ourselves. Putting our intentions to what we personally are inspired to energize in the growing cycle of this new year. With each wemoon’s rattle turn the energy spirals into the cauldron of our circle as we pass it on around and around. In the second round of passing the rattle we will raise energy together for what we would like to see happen collectively here in this community and initiating our intentions for this 50th year of We’Moon Land Community: Celebrating Resilience!
Garden Party
The Garden Team is forming anew this year: first planning meeting:
Saturday, January 28!  Gathering at noon. We will share a meal afterwards. 
If you are interested in being on the team or you might like to come out to the land to work in the garden from time to time: get on the list to be informed of garden workdays. All wemoon welcome, regardless of gardening experience! Contact: wemoonland@gmail.com (subject: Garden).
If you can’t make this one we will be having more as we move into spring and summer.
Wild Womyn Galentine’s Day
Saturday, February 11, 2023
Noon – 10:00 PM
All womyn born womyn are welcome. 18+ event.
Wild Womyn: womyn loving womyn is a new gathering happening every second Saturday of the month at We’Moon Land, a womyn’s land located about 45 minutes from Portland. We’Moon provides sanctuary for womyn and nature, as well as space for feminist workshops and retreats. Wild womyn gatherings typically include a shared meal, tour of the land, and fun activities inspired by womyn’s culture and lesbian culture.
Suggested donation – wild womyn events are free. For womyn who have $5-$15 extra to share (or more), please bring cash to donate directly to We’Moon Land. Donations can also be accepted through the We’Moon website.
RSVP – Please email oregonwildwomyn@gmail.com to sign up and get more information. We will also have a few questions for you to ensure you have a great time (dietary restrictions, how many womyn you’re bringing, whether you’re bringing a dog, etc.) We’Moon is not taking reservations for this event unless you want to stay beyond Saturday night.
Save the Dates!!!
~ Sunday, March 19 Spring Equinox ~ 
How are you preparing the ground? What seeds are you planting to grow in your life this year? For the future evolution of life on Earth? And for the ongoing life of We’Moon Land community?
~Saturday, March 4 Garden Work Party with Alexis from 1-4~
weather permitting
~Saturday, March 11 Wyld Womyn~
Celebrating the coming of Spring…
~Announcing: the Celebration of 50 Years of We’Moon Land~
July 3-7 National Landyke campout .
July 8-9 culminating with a Celebration of We’Moon Land’s 50th
If you are interested in attending or volunteering please email us. We are looking for volunteers and helpers for the events. More information will be shared as the event evolves.
The Land Work Crew is now in process of re-forming for this year.
Sign up, and stay tuned for specific project dates:
wemoonland@gmail.com (subject: Land Crew!). Some Land Crew
work projects could overlap with Garden Days, especially on Full and New Moons. The work days could possibly be followed by evening fire circles (weather permitting)…and overnight stays (if arranged in advance for indoor housing).
News Flashes
• We’Moon Tarot deck by Musawa is available at  https://wemoon.ws/products/tarot-card-deck
• Oma Fund-raising goal was met! We are booking the contractors to have the work done, hopefully by the 50th celebration.
• Join the Sustaining Sisterhood starting Spring Equinox!
Work party Saturday October 22!
We will be having a work party on 10/22 from 12-4.
We are hoping for some decent weather to get some last minute things buttoned down for the winter. We are also want to celebrate our newest long term visitor Ana to the land and get her dialed into the yurt.
We hope to move a shed around Yula, more work on wood piles around the land, few things to the barn and the never ending blackberry removal. Ana is going make the meal after the work party. If the burn ban has been lifted we could light the bonfire! We are allowed regular campfires at this time.
Please RSVP and let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Camping is available weather permitting and one more indoor housing spot is open.
Please RSVP for events!
In response to requests, a wishlist of We’Moon needs during the campout has been created, available for viewing and download here. Please email with any questions, especially regarding the bigger items.
We are open for personal visits and over night stays. 
Camping and indoor spaces are available. The land is lush green and filled with bunnies, bird, deer and so much beautiful wildlife.
Suggested sliding scale: more if you can, less if you can’t.
Camping $15-25
Indoor cabins when available $25-50
Please email with any inquiries or questions.
We’Moon Land

WeMoon Land Mission Statement

We’Moon Land is a residential womyn’s land community that exists as a sanctuary for womyn and nature.  We provide space for feminist retreats, workshops & gatherings in celebration of womyn’s spirituality and culture.


We are fundraising for essential work on Oma, our community house.

Your support is needed! More information is available here.


Click here for event details!


To arrange a visit,  please  call WeMoon Land at 503-630-3628

Or email to let us know you’d like to arrange details:  wemoonland@gmail.com.


Blessed be!