Welcome to We’Moon Land!

We’Moon Land is a residential womyn’s land community – a nature sanctuary for womyn (“wemoon” by nature) that has been held by and for wemoon since 1973 – one of the longest surviving intentional wemoon land communities in the world.

Generations of wemoon (primarily lesbians) have made home here for 50 years, in a community committed to living together in harmony with one another and all our relations.

We are a thriving community of up to 6-10 womyn residents plus our extended network of friends and visitors. We live in wemoon-built houses, on 52 beautiful acres of forests and fields, an hour from Portland. Community members use the consensus decision-making process; we are committed to healthy communication and conflict resolution.

We host individual and group events, retreats, visitors, camping, workshops, land workdays, seasonal holy days, Moon circles, celebrations and gatherings of, by, and for wemoon. 

We’Moon Land is the former home of the We’Moon Calendar

Contact We’Moon Land

There are two unofficial online groups created by womyn who love the land: 

  • Friends of We’Moon Land group on Facebook. Over 700 members! Click here to join.
  • We’Moon Land server on Discord. Chat, photos, events + more! Email us for the invite.