We’Moon Land was founded in 1973 on feminist values, ecological practices, and earth-based womyn’s spirituality. Fifty years into the journey, we are at a crucial point of generational succession. As we begin to transition to collective ownership, we are calling for a more diverse, intergenerationally-woven community of wemoon-who-love-wemoon who share our values and our vision of creative spirit-centered life on the land, wemoon who have the resources, skills, and commitment necessary to continue carrying on the We’Moon Land community in a sustainable way — for years to come! 

In general, we are looking for womyn with experience in community living, communication skills, and conflict resolution — or with an interest in learning what it takes to live in community together in a healthy way. 

We are also looking for womyn with skills in one or more of the following areas. (There will be plenty of time to explore other areas of interest and learn new skills as well!)  

Grounds & Buildings Are you good at land work, fixing things, mowing or earth-friendly building? Help us preserve the land and maintain beautiful homes and outbuildings built by womyn for womyn! 

Garden – Do you have experience with organic gardening and permaculture? Bring your fresh energy and ideas to our newly revived community garden! 

Visitor Coordination  – Are you an outgoing “people person” with an eye for detail? We need a womyn to take on greeting guests, helping with check out, and doing orientations for new womyn.

Process for Becoming a Community Resident 

The first step is to come for events and short visits to get to know the land, the current residents, and the community. If you are interested in staying longer, the next step is to come for a two-week trial period. This is to give you and the community time to consider if an ongoing relationship with the land feels like a mutual good fit — whether for short visits, becoming a long-term visitor, or eventually applying to become an ongoing resident member of the community.

Housing on the land 

Contact us to ask for details, see photos, or schedule a tour! 

  • Main/Community house with full amenities, bathrooms, kitchen, Internet, office space, living room, and two bedrooms
  • 3 cabins (varying amenities) 
  • A yurt (with outhouse)
  • Outdoor camping
  • RV Area  
  • Possible sites for building tiny houses in the future

Contact us for more information: